Violence is looming large in state educational campuses

SFI stands committed to speak the interests of students

The West Bengal State Committee of the Students’ Federation of India today has held a Press conference. 

They have criticized the award of ‘Student of The Year’ to the well-known miscreant Biswajit De, the student of Rabindra Bharati University who has been accused for again and again in minimum of 12 acts of violating penal codes of conduct. Very recently this student was accused in a charge of molestation of a post-graduate girl student of the same university. Staying few days in the police custody recently he got bailed. He is a known face of being an anarchist from earlier for putting a ‘show’ of wildly dances in the university campus on the record. Being a spirited member of the ruling party of this state this hoodlum got spared repeatedly. Now the rulers have awarded him for being the ‘stand-out’ performer of whatever the party stands for. SFI condemns this sort of barefaced installation of anarchy in the educational sector and demands steps to restore the academic atmosphere of the educational campuses. SFI also took a score of the ongoing terror and criminal activities in all the campuses as the government have come up with their plan to observe ‘students union election’ within 31st of January 2014. Violence is looming large in state educational campuses; the same footsteps of violence and threatening are being followed by the ruling party agents as were followed during the Panchayat elections, municipal elections and all. SFI stand committed to speak the interests of students of this state, so they had opined that no activity that curbs democratic space of the student community and vehemently disturb academic atmosphere of the campuses would be spared. They would launch protest movement whenever an incident to ban on campus-democracy takes place.

28th December. 2013