SFI calls upon all its units to wage struggles from January 30 to February 17

The Central Executive Committee of Students Federation of India calls upon all its units across the nation to organize different campaigns, programms and struggles with strongly demanding the central government and other concerned authorities to meet the demands of the protesting students in Hyderabad Central University following the institutional murder of Rohit Vemula, a Dalit research scholar in the campus. This series of campaign will be organized from January 30 to February 17 as the former marks the birthday of Rohit Vemula along with the martyrdom day of Gandhiji and the later is the day completes one month since the death of Rohit. The leading role and the dangerous ideology of Sangh Parivar can be traced in both the murders of Gandhi and Rohit. 

RohithVemula, a research scholar at the Hyderabad Central University was committed suicide after continuous persecution and harassment by the HCU administration in hand with the ABVP- RSS. He was one among the five Dalit students who were suspended from the hostel and whose freedom of movement within the campus was curtailed following a concocted complaint by the ABVP. They were even denied the natural justice as there was neither a proper enquiry nor the provision of opportunity for the students to file their responses. 

The student community of HCU under the leadership of the students’ union and a joint action committee are in continues struggle with the demands to arrest the culprits including the VC, Union minister and ABVP leaders who are behind the death of Rohit Vemula. 

It was the authoritarian moves of the administration, acting at the command of the RSS worsen the situation in HCU. Even the students who were protesting the incident in different parts of the country were attacked by the police. Instead of ensuring justice to the students and the family of Rohit Vemula, the government is engaged to suppress all the democratic voices. It is in this context SFI plans 2 weeks long nationwide campaigns on the issue. We appeal to the student community across the country to rise up in protest against the inhuman and unjust treatment meted out to the students by the university authorities at the behest of Saffron Brigade and with an active support from the MHRD. 

SFI calls upon all its units to wage struggles from January 30 to February 17 demanding immediate action against the perpetrators of the gruesome crime which took the life of a young research scholar and organizes various campaigns to expose the divisive agendas behind the hindutva politics. 

Released By
       VP Sanu                                                                                                   Dr Vikram Singh 
      President                                                                                               General Secretary