SFI at the 39th International Kolkata Book Fair

The 39th International Kolkata Book Fair was being organised between 28th January and 8th February. It was inaugurated by British radio and TV presenter and journalist Anita Anand. The Focal Theme of the book fair was Great Britain. There were 12 international participants, and 574 book stalls. Though the book fair saw people thronging in from various parts of the state, yet this year saw a dip in the attendance, as well as in the sales.

Like every year, Chhatra Sangram (Stall No. 482), the publishing unit of our West Bengal State Committee had our own stall in the 39th International Kolkata Book Fair 2015, which witnessed intense devotion of our comrades who maintained it, and immense zeal of book-lovers, common students and people. Various books of our publishing house Chhatrasangram, and numerous books on Leftist ideological writings, socio-economic and political issues, and progressive literature of different publishing houses featured the stall. Also featured is the mass music album “E desh tomar amar”, which has been republished very recently. 

 Apart from variety of books, our stall also hosted T-shirts and coffee mugs featuring the photographs and sketches of revolutionary Che Guevara, which turned out to be very popular among those who thronged our stalls in flocks. Numerous posters, including those with photographs of martyr Com. Sudipto Gupta were present in the stall. Posters and calendars featuring images of Che Guevara and our martyr Com. Sudipto Gupta were also there for interested people. The book stall was inaugurated at 4 PM on 28th January by former SFI leader and veteran trade unionist Com. Shyamal Chakraborty.

28th January, 2015