Let the Voice of the Campus Break the Slumber of the Streets

March to Restore Democracy, Resist Criminalisation

As another December dawns on the campuses of West Bengal the student community gears up to make its voice heard loud and clear. The experience of the last three and a half years has hardened students to continual attacks by outsiders on their campus, violence, intolerance, a blatant disregard for democracy and democratic values. Every day is bringing out new faces and new voices on to the streets – everyday students are coming out from the shadows and the silence and speaking out. On the coming 11th of December  students have pledged to strike hard at the root of this insanity of intolerance, violence and authoritarian misrule with renewed spirit and redeemed numbers. 

The Students’ Federation of India, West Bengal State Committee, sends out this call to all students of the state to join in the march from College Street at 1 pm on the 11th of December. The demands of the march will include – 

•    The restoration and protection of democratic rights of students on campuses. 
•    The conduction of students’ union elections freely and fairly.
•    In protest of the criminalization and corruption of the educational sphere.
•    In protest of the anti-student policies of the state and central governments.