The CBI must convict and prosecute all those involved in the Saradha scam. And an arrangement be made to return the money of the cheated investors. SFI, DYFI, AIDWA and CITU marched on the streets of Bidhannagar on 25th November raising these demands. 

Apart from the members and leaders of these 4 organisations, sufferers of various chit funds joined the procession in large numbers. The procession started from Ultadanga, traversed various streets of Bidhannagar, and after a brief meeting at the CGO Complex, a delegation of the 4 organisations submitted the memorandum in the CBI office. 

The sufferers are anxious if the CBI can keep the probe on the right track after the procession of the Trinamool Congress in presence of the Chief Minister, and her successive threats and attempts to intimidate the CBI probe. Our procession and meeting demanded that the CBI must not lose the pace of the Saradha probe. CITU leaders Shyamal Chakraborty, Sujan Chakraborty, Gargi Chatterjee, Prashanta Nandy Chowdhury, DYFI leaders Sayandeep Mitra, Jamir Mollah, SFI leaders Shatarup Ghosh, Debojyoti Das, Madhuja Senroy, AIDWA leaders Ramala Chakraborty, Rita Moitra are among many who led the procession of some thousands.

CITU State President Shyamal Chakraborty reminded that the CBI must also take into account the scam of the other chit funds which have cheated their investors. From the meeting, he showed photographs depicting the connection of Trinamool leaders such as Madan Mitra, Mukul Roy and Shuvendu Adhikary with other chit funds. He added that though the Govt. Of West Bengal has paid back compensation to a few investors, yet it is the Trinamool leaders who have looted crores of money. The sufferers should be paid back by confiscating the properties of these leaders. Trinamool Congress is trying to save its face by creating a political pressure on the CBI. Shyamal Chakraborty also stated that Madan Mitra can’t save himself from arrest by taking refuge in hospital. Sujan Chakraborty mentioned that all those who were present in the Trinamool procession with placards “Arrest me. I am a thief” are not thieves. There are many honest persons in TMC. Being herself an accused, the Chief Minister is not only rubbishing the prestige of her party, but also of West Bengal. After giving a clean chit to Kunal Ghosh herself, she had her arrested with her own police. Her certificates to others are as false as her own. To save the people, the money of the investors must be returned, and the criminals must never be spared. If required, we would appeal to the SEBI; Kolkata and West Bengal would be brought to a halt if need be. 

Association of investors and field workers of other chit funds such as Pailan, Angel Agritech, Swabhumi Real Estate etc. also demanded the payback to the investors, and prosecution of the frauds in the meeting. At the end of the meeting, a delegation comprising of Sujan Chakraborty, Ramala Chakraborty, Shatarup Ghosh, Subir Dey and Tirthankar Roy went to the CBI office to submit the memorandum and demanding the payback to the investors, and prosecution of the persons involved in the sham. CBI officials have assured that proper investigation would be conducted. 

25th November 2014