SFI Calls For All Democratic and Progressive Forces To Stand United :

Statewide Strike Culminates in Huge March On To Jadavpur

On the afternoon of 18th September, SFI along with three other left student organisations had called for a rally from Dakshinapan in Dhakuria to Jadavpur 8B Bus-stand, where thousands of students from colleges, universities and even schools across the city thronged in to protest the barbaric attack on Jadavpur University students at midnight on the 17th by police and TMCP-backed hooligans.

The four left student organisations gave the call for todays march demanding the immediate resignation of the VC, appealling to all stakeholders, students, teachers, staff, alumni, guardians and concerned citizenry to join in. Cutting across political and ideological borders, all student organisations were welcomed to participate with their own banners. The Chhatra Parishad (CP) leadership did participate. A strong representation from teachers especially the faculty of Jadavpur University were present. Eminent personalities, artistes, authors, actors, and many other well wishers joined the march. A large group of students from reputed schools also voiced their spontaneous protest by joining the huge rally.

Such was the spirit of the protesters that the students, professors and people braved torrential rains. They continued to march on caring the least about the inclement weather. When the head of the rally had reached Jadavpur 8B Bus-stand, and the speakers started voicing their protests, the tail was yet to the start from Dhakuria.

The leadership of the SFI, AISF, PSU, AISB addressed the mass meeting at Jadavpur.  The speakers included Ritabrata Banerjee (MP and General Secretary of SFI), Debojyoti Das (State Secretary of SFI), Madhuja Senroy (State President of SFI). A representative from the CP spoke. On the dais playwright and theatre director Chandan Sen, veteran film director Tarun Majumdar and former student leader Azizul Haq, reputed actor Badshah Moitra were among those  who expressed strong solidarity with the student's movement against this heinous attack.

Throughout the day a  statewide student strike had been observed. Students' participated spontaneously in college and university campuses across Bengal. The strike was even observed in several schools. Several thousand strong protest marches took place in several locations across the districts.  As expected the TMC tried to break the strike using threats and force. There was an organised attack on Rajabajar campus of Calcutta University and here again outsiders pounced upon unarmed and unsuspecting students. Braving this constant threat students came out to fight for their right over their campuses, refusing to bow down either to the state's repressive machinary or the ruling party's semi- fascist violence.

The SFI calls for all students, teachers, alumni, staff, parents all concerned citizens and stakeholders to stand united against this attack on the student community. In this multi faceted attack on the democratic space within the campus unity is our single most powerful weapon, and any divisive tendencies being nurtured within our fortresses of resistance must be uprooted before they can even begin to weaken our cause. All democratic and progressive forces need to come together on this common ground with integrity. Let us turn the roads into boulevards of resistance .... Together.