We Fight Today!!

Enraged at the bloodbath in Palestine students and youth of Bengal took to the streets today in a spirited march from Moulali to Park Circus via MullickBazaar in Kolkata. The rally was at the call of all 12 left students' and youth organisations. Hundreds gathered at the Moulali Crossing at 4.30 in the afternoon with banners calling for an end to the Israeli warcrimes in Gaza targeting unarmed civilians which had claimed the lives of nearly two hundred and injured over a thousand not sparing women or children. Slogans calling for the downfall of western imperialism which has been backing and perpetuating this violence in the Middle East over the last half of a century echoed the Kolkata skies. The march culminated at Park Circus with the students and youth burning an effigy of the Israeli President.

16th July 2014