Sourav Chowdhury, a 2nd year student of Birati College was abducted and his corpse, was found besides the railway track between Bamangachhi and Duttapukur stations on 5th July. The corpse was being chopped to 9 pieces which bears a testimony to the brutality of the murder, and the desperate audacity of the criminals in our state. Sourav raised his voice of protests along with many other local residents against the criminal regime unleashed by the illegal country liquor dens and gambling rackets. However, as has been the case in a state where the Honourable Chief Minister openly declares that she “controls goons”, and the ruling party has successfully achieved lumpenization of rightist politics; it is the goons who control and dominate the streets since the sunset. Nurtured and fostered by leaders of ruling party, Shyamal Karmakar, a dreaded criminal in Bamangachhi, beat up Sourav and abducted him in evening, took him to the tracks, beat him repeatedly and then strangulated him with his T-shirt and threw him to the tracks when a local train was speeding through. Though Shyamal has been arrested by now, yet local Trinamool leader Sisir Banerjee who sheltered Shyamal to a hotel in Tarapith and stayed in the same room has been left alone. The Barasat-Birati region in the North 24 Parganas has been a free roaming ground for the criminals for the past 3 years, where they run a parallel administration with aide from the state administration and shelter of the leaders and ministers of the ruling party. Incidentally, Barun Biswas, a 39-year old school teacher who led a crusade against organised gang-rape in his village of Sutia, was shot on the same day 2 years ago at Gobardanga station allegedly by goons fostered by Food Minister Jyotipriya Mallick.

 We have seen that the police and administration has been pro-active at strangulating all voices of democratic protests and punishing any criticism, be it against the government, or against the regime of dreaded criminals. For instance, we have seen that Mohammed Iqbal alias Munna whose men had openly killed a police officer during the Students’ Union election roams free in parole, an MP who urges his men to ‘rape’ political opponents, and gives vivid description of how to butcher opponents is being left alone with an ‘unconditional apology’. Even an MLA who proudly ascertains of killing 3 brothers in Labhpur can be omitted from the chargesheet, or a Tilak Chowdhury who manhandles and assaults the Principal at Raiganj College is being granted a bail, whereas Sudipto Gupta is being lynched to death by police for demanding democratic elections in Students Unions of colleges, Saifuddin Mollah is being butchered to death by political goons for joining a Left rally.

 We are living in a state where only the anti-socials and criminals feel safe and secure. It is a sorry affair, and we assure that more the terror of the ruling party and the criminals would be unleashed, the stronger would be the resistance of the people, students and youths. The government must act, else the people will make them do so. No pasarán !!– They shall not pass…