The education sector of this state has experienced a new controversy with the West Bengal government reverting its decision of centralized online admission within a day. With the voice demanding centralized online admission being at its peak, the 4 Leftist students’ organizations – SFI, AISF, AISB, PSU together put forward a set of 11 demands to the Honourable Minister of Education on 9th June in order to ensure proper free and fair admission procedure all over the state.

•    By ensuring a transparent and a corruption-free admission process, let merit be the sole determinant in it.

•    An unholy nexus have evolved throughout the state who indulge in illegal monetary transactions during the admission process. The colleges and universities must find out and take exemplary actions against those found guilty of extorting illegal money from students seeking admission.

•    A centralized admission system should be initiated for colleges affiliated under the same university. Deadline for the distribution and submission of forms, publication of a MASTER MERIT LIST and registration of admitted students should be fixed by the university itself. Daily log of the admission process in the colleges should be reported back to the university.

•    The university should keep track on the registrationof the students that if the colleges are admitting students according to the master merit list published/scrutinized by the university.

•    A university-based online centralized admission process be started from this educational session only after setting up proper infrastructure. The existing process and the setting up of infrastructure be implemented concurrently where the infrastructure is not sufficient.

•    Universities such as RabindraBharati, where the graduation courses are in-campus must ensure online admission system completely from this educational session only.

•    The prices of the admission forms and prospectus are increasing significatntly each year, which is keeping them out of the reach of the households with lower income. The prices of the admission forms and the admission fee be reduced in order to expand the scope of higher education to the students belonging to poor families. The university authorities should scale an upper bound of the prices of the admission form, and the admission fees, if need be. The West Bengal Govt. shall oversee the upper bound.

•    A complaint cell should be constituted in colleges and universities with students, teachers, non-teaching staff and administrators to investigate into the complaints about the admission procedure (from the part of the students seeking admission), and take immediate action.

•    ‘Free Studentship’ and ‘Student Aid Fund’ should be initiated to help the meritorious students belonging to needy families. 

•    Faculty Council should be constituted in universities in graduation and post-graduation level as per the amended act to provide a permanent solution to the admission-related complicacies.

•    Centralized online admission process must be used with required infrastructure in all colleges and universities from 2015-’16.

SFI-AISF-AISB-PSU expect that these demands must be taken care of by the Department of Higher Education, West Bengal Government and the universities to ensure a proper transparent admission process based on merit, and abolish the annual illegal extortion from the students seeking admission.