Issues and Programs in West Bengal

Issues and Programs in West Bengal 

In the last one month the west Bengal state unit has taken a number of organizational endeavors regarding various political and social issues. 

On of January, marked the date of the inauguration of both the Kolkata Book Fair and the opening of the stall of "Chatrasangram" the organ of the West Bengal State SFI. A large number of comrades gathered in front of the stall and the ribbon was cut by former General Secretary of SFI Comrade Sujan Chakraborty. Comrade Ritabrata Banerjee, General Secretary and Comrade Sayandip Mitra, former Secretary of West Bengal State Committee also marked the occasion with their presence. The stall was successful and was very popular with the students throughout the Book Fair. 

On 12th February, in Gardenreich, Harimohan Ghosh College in Kolkata an incident occurred regarding the student's union election. An incident, which tainted the very core of the incumbent political culture of west Bengal. A police sub inspector was shot dead in broad daylight by a trinamool congress goon in front of the TV cameras and everybody else. Later it was found that the incident had direct relations with a Cabinet Minister, Firhad Hakim who later defended the culprits found to be responsible for the brutal killing. SFI, instantly protested and a rally was organized which culminated into a road blockade of Moulali in Kolkata. Students all over spontaneously joined this protest rally called by the state committee. 

On 13th February a convention was organized by the West Bengal State Committee regarding the All India Strike called by the various trade unions. The convention called in support of the 48 hours strike marked its success as the speakers, Comrade Partha Mukherjee, former Secretary of the West Bengal State Committee and Comrade Shyamal Chakraborty, former President of the State organisation and present President of CITU, West Bengal roused the students consciousness present in the convention. The convention was presided by Comrade Madhuja Sen Roy, President West Bengal State Committee. 

After the convention a rally was organized by SFI and DYFI demanding the resignation of Firhad Hakim, a Cabinet Minister of West Bengal who was directly related to the criminals involved in the Garden Reich Police killing incident. 

On 19th February, a huge rally was organized by the SFI West Bengal unit in support of the 48 hours strike called by the trade unions. More than a thousand students came to the rally, which was held from College Street to Esplanade in Kolkata. This rally created immense support for the strike in the minds of the student's community in Kolkata.