SFI CEC on CBSE-PMT Examinations.

The examinations for the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT), conducted by CBSE, were held again on 25th July after large-scale cheating and malpractices in the earlier exam in May. The manner in which the exam has been conducted has given rise to discontent and displeasure among some sections. The entire episode has brought to fore 2 main issues. First being the issue of malpractices in the professional exams. The Vyapam Scam in Madhya Pradesh, as well as the AIPMT exam in May are a pointer how the upper middle class & rich sections are ready to use every possible means to get professional degrees & jobs. At a time, neoliberal reforms have anyway limited the opportunities for the students from the poor sections, the nexus of bureaucrats, coaching mafia & ruling class politicians are restricting this access further. What is required in such a situation is a strong political will which can take on this nexus, and not a wishy-washy attitude. Second issue relates to the illogical guidelines which the CBSE came out with in the name of checking the malpractices. Many sections have seen these guidelines as interfering with their personal freedom and belief. Technological advance allows plenty of means through which any form of malpractices can be easily checked. Instead of using these means CBSE’s guidelines have lead to unnecessary controversy. The present controversy has only acted as a smokescreen for the elements that are behind these practices. Political groups related to both minority and majority communalism is using this episode for their own petty ends.

Central Executive Committee of Students’ Federation of India firmly believes that the nexus of bureaucrats, coaching mafia & ruling class politicians responsible for these malpractices must be brought behind the bars.

Released by

    Dr. V Sivadasan                                                                                                                               Ritabrata Banerjee 

      (President)                                                                                                                                   ( General Secretary)