Bengal Politics Will Rise from The Ashes

The history of Bengal has always revisited the traitors as the signifiers of its people's greatest defeat. Mirzafar as the signifier of Plassey  represents the metaphor of treason to the people of Bengal.

The course of history starting from the fall of its people in Plassey had numerous events of defeats of different degrees. The Bengal people are yet to forget the scar of the Banga Vanga. There is a portion of the population who still condemn the shifting of the capital from Kolkata to Delhi. There are plenty of such examples yet no one comes even close to Mirzafar to reap him of his distinction.

After 1947 till the time of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, very few industries were set up. Along With that in 1954 Bengal got affected by a massive food crisis what lead to a famine. Then it was the turn of the United Front in Bengal. The history of that time is of an alternative food policy that had shown the light at the end of tunnel. Yet the government had to stop before reaching that light. The credit goes to those who had the sole credit of earlier famine. So the history of Bengal up to the United Front can be summed up in two ages, one is the age of treason and the other is the age of scarcity. The Lightning stroke of the United Front was the wake up call to the people of Bengal.

Then the time after it can only be called as the age of violence in Bengal. Bengal first saw Siddhartha Sankar Roy as the new CM, and then it witnessed the darkest days of its history. 

In 1977 the people chose a fraction of the united front to lead them out of the age of violence and whatever shameful inheritance of the past it had. So did it happen.

With the stroke of the new millennium Bengal had surpassed the light at the end of the tunnel. Bengal journey towards prosperity is the one thing that happened post 1977.

Starting from the Plassey to the days of prosperity was a long journey of about 220 years. The people of Bengal had endured their land in the darkest of times.

Now the people have the government of Didi in the State. The government might be only of three and a half years of active term yet it has pushed the state's capacity into the extreme. It started with the imprints of metal bullets into the mortal ribs of a child in a village of North 24 Parganas along with another woman aged about 30 or so. They got that punishment by the state administration as there was illegal use of electricity in their village. Then there are loads of such events. The capital of the state witnessed a 23 years old lad getting killed in the police custody. Numerous killings and rapes are the daily doses of the new government and its agencies in the state of West Bengal now. The while state resembles as one big unit of a fascist concentration camp where every big thing that hurts a common people is conveniently ignored and every small blow to the ruling  agency is retaliated with the cruelest of crimes against the weaker part. The government is such that its agents have promoted the blueprint of a Ponzi scam to the form of almost of a carnival.17 lakh of people got forged of their minimal saving due to the active participation of those who are constituting the government in the state. The government of Mamata Banerjee is now a close competitor of one of its relatives from the past. The people of Bengal will remember Mamata Banerjee in the manner they remember Mirzafar.

But the history of Bengal is not anything like the remains of an empire of disasters. The history of the people of Bengal is rising from the ashes. The people of Bengal are the signifiers of integrity and courage. The people are the greatest custodian of their own history and tradition. The only word history will tag the Mamata Banerjee government with is of treason of popular confidence. The people of Bengal are known to the fact that what happens when few people go to demolish a mosque to set up a mandir. The people of Bengal are experienced to observe harmony when the country was bleeding in riots.

Now Again with all those agenda of making people bleed, with all the instances of forging people of their nominal savings the people of Bengal will in no way write the history of an age of disaster. It will be the history of an age of courage.

The present rules have tried everything from Ponzi to international terrorist links (allegedly reported of) undermining the confidence of popular mandate. Their days are numbered, mandates will treat the tyrants accordingly. Till then it's all about enduring the black days. Lefts stand committed there as they did since independence.

13th December 2014