Equal Opportunities, Equal Education, Equal Rights

Equality, equal rights have become trendy buzzwords in current times, be it with respect to caste, race, gender or class. On the one hand it is very heartening to see young people aware of their rights and opening up discussions on various public forums but on the other hand there continues to be a disturbingly high number of violence against women in our country.

Traditionally, the women have been an oppressed section of the society. Viewed as bearers of offspring and keepers of the home and the hearth. As it is wrong to undermine the importance of these roles, it is also wrong to assume that a woman is only made for these positions or that bringing up the children or looking after the household is her responsibility alone.

With every new incident that surfaces, guardians find it easier to further clamp down on the freedom of young women citing their safety. And once again young girls looking to make something of themselves have to fight that little bit harder to break away from the prying eyes and be deaf to0 the hushed criticism behind them.

We point at our grandparents’ generation and applaud ourselves at the progress we as a gender have made but the numerous instances of harassment that women everyday have to face are proof of the fact that the goals of our struggles are a long way away. It will also be complacent to believe that the movement for equal societal standing for woman can only move forward regardless of whether efforts are made in this regard or not.

The students’ Federation of India is a progressive students’ organization and it prides itself on bringing students’ issues to the fore and standing with them in their various struggles. Keeping this duty in mind, it is our responsibility as such an organization to stand by the stakeholders of half of our sky and support their demands for EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES, EQUAL EDUCATION and EQUAL RIGHTS, every step of the way.

7th January, 2017