Condemn the Attacks on Kashmiri Students in Various Parts of the Country
Press Release

There have been numerous instances of attacks against Kashmiri students in the last few days by the right wing groups. In Hyderabad Central University, a student from Punjab was mistaken to be a Kashmiri and beaten up by the ABVP activists. In Barkatullah University of Bhopal right wing groups have beaten up two Kashmiri students and continue in their shameful propaganda that ‘no Kashmiri student will be allowed to study peacefully in Madhya Pradesh until the turmoil in valley in continues’. Such shameful acts of violence and intimidation by the right wing groups are a part of their modus operandi of further increasing the alienation which the Kashmiri students and youth face routinely in their lives. These attacks will only deteriorate the current worsening situation. CEC of SFI demands that State Governments and administration of the educational institutions must intervene and check to this spate of attacks.

Released by
V. P. Sanu (President)
Vikram Singh (General Secretary)

23rd July, 2016