On the State Budget

The Finance Minister of West Bengal Government Dr. Amit Mitra’s speech presenting the State budget for 2014-15 has turned out to be a budget of lies and deceits. Government of West Bengal had left no stone unturned to hide its failures and directionless economic policies in the midst of cooked-up figures. However, even those cooked-up figures fell well short of the achievements of the Left Front Government. 

While presenting the budget, it was mentioned that growth in agriculture for 2013-14 stands at 5.28% against 6.94% in 2009-10,and growth in industry might attain 9.58% in 2013-14 from 5.92% in 2012-13 against 9.68% in 2009-10.The Central report contradicts the State reports, stating only 87 proposed industry amounting 8054 crore. In fact is a well known fact that the industrial sector finds itself in grave danger. Investments have been reversed instead of being added. This is true of every sector, be it IT, Metals or Logistics. 

The Left Front Government used to spend around 20% of the Total Revenue expenditure as Total Education Revenue, thus promoting inclusive education, and establishing 7 new public universities to promote higher education (which the present Government denies in a Goebbels-ian manner). The present Government has started giving licenses to private universities owned by corporate groups, thereby paving the way for unhindered privatization and commercialization, and thus shrinking the access of common students in higher and technical education. 

It has also been found that the Government has spent only 2333 crore out of the allocated 3203 crore in school education, which expresses its directionless and callous attitude in education sector. 

Students’ Federation of India West Bengal State Committee expresses deep anguish as the emphasis has been on privatization and commercialization in higher and technical education, and utter emphasis on hiding faults by distorting and cooking up figures, and making false improbable promises. 

20th February, 2014