An Overview of Students' Union Elections

The rights for the democratic students’ union elections were earned after relentless movement by Students’ Federation of India, which includes the killing of our State Committee member Com. Sudipto Gupta on 2nd April 2013 in police custody demanding democratic students’ union elections in our colleges.

As expected, the students’ union elections were characterized by barbaric attacks of armed TMCP goons, and shameless administrative inaction. 

Ø    Nomination papers of more than 200 SFI candidates were snatched in various campuses of CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY on 7th January.

Ø    Our candidate Com. DebayanDey were attacked in his Salkia house at night. Girl candidate Com. SanchitaGuhaDhali were threatened to be raped if they contest elections. Our candidates Debayan De, Trina Bhowmik were attacked in front of the Principal in ASUTOSH COLLEGE on 8th January.

Ø    Com. Samsher Ali was attacked while submitting nomination paper in MAULANA AZAD COLLEGE, and was chased upto Raja SubodhMullick Square. Similar incidents followed on 8th January in RAJA MANINDRA CHANDRA COLLEGE, BEHALA SORSHUNA COLLEGE and in numerous others.

Ø    Armed TMCP goons mercilessly attacked students of SILIGURI COLLEGE during submission of nomination papers. 12 SFI workers and leaders were injured, 5 of them were hospitalized including our Darjeeling District Committee Secretary Com. Sourav Das.

Ø    Police forcibly took 9 of our candidates in custody as they were queuing to submit nomination forms in BETHUADAHARI COLLEGE on 9th January, after SFI candidates were attacked by TMCP hooligans.

Ø    Armed lumpens and Trinamooli antisocials ruthlessly pounced upon SFI candidates at DALKHOLA COLLEGE and attacked using rod, lathi. 

Ø    College election at BANAMALI COLLEGE in Panskura was postponed indefinitely following intense infighting of TMCP lumpens.

Ø    SFI candidates were attacked and injured in MAZDIA COLLEGE.

Ø    Bombs were hurled on SFI candidates and supporters in MALLARPUR COLLEGE on 22nd January. Police turned out to be deaf spectators, as usual. Anarchy reigned supreme.

Ø    SFI candidates were not allowed to submit nomination papers in TRIVENI DEBI BHALOTIA COLLEGE in Raniganj, as a huge gathering of armed Trinamool antisocials surrounded the college, in presence of local Trinamool MLA, and Panchayat leaders.

In spite of such reign of lumpens and hooligans in the colleges, and direct and indirect assistance by the police and administration, students of West Bengal extended their struggling support towards the progressive forces, towards SFI in particular, wherever they could. 

*   SFI won both the Student Unions in Day and Evening Sections of the RAJABAZAAR SCIENCE COLLEGE comprehensively.

*   SFI comprehensively won the CHAIPAT COLLEGE in West Midnapore district.

*   SFI also emerged victorious in the LALGOLA COLLEGE defeating the CP and TMCP candidates.

*  In spite of gun-firing by Trinamooliantisocials and outsiders, SFI continued its winning streak in RAIGANJ SURENDRANATH MAHAVIDYALAYA.

*  Students union was formed by the SFI-PSU alliance in the PATHANKHALI COLLEGE in West Midnapore district.

*  Students’ union body was formed by the SFI candidates also in the JANGIPUR COLLEGE.

*  SFI won all 21 seats out of 24 in SILIGURI GIRLS’ COLLEGE where we could contest; the nomination papers of the candidates in other 3 seats were snatched and tore by TMCP, and thus they won those seats uncontested.

*   SFI won all 5 seats in SCOTTISH CHURCH COLLEGE where democratic elections could be held receiving more than double the votes of TMCP counterparts. Attacks on 20th and 21st January prevented us to submit nomination papers in the other seats.

*   SFI won all 4 seats in the Arts Section of the JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY. The students of J.U. showed TMCP the way out as they returned empty-handed, without a lone seat. SFI also increased its vote share in the Science and Engineering Sections.

*  SFI also had its share of success in the ALLIAH UNIVERSITY, where our SFI leaders were attacked by outsiders during submissions of the nomination forms.

*  SFI also won 13 seats in the RANIGANJ GIRLS’ COLLEGE, where TMCP won only 10 despite flexing muscle power of armed anti-socials, coal mafias. Yet, the victorious girl candidates were not allowed to enter the college to form the Union board on 31st January, as a mob of 500+ armed anti-socials led by local Trinamool MLA Sohrab Ali defied curfew and surrounded the college. Deputation and plea to the Raniganj police went unheard, as the shameless police refused to provide security to the girl candidates.