Down to the US and West Bengal Government Line-up

Student and Youth Activists Victimized


The Leftist Students’ and Youth organisations had called up on a protest rally in Kolkata to reject United States delinquency with an Indian diplomat on 19th of December, 2013. Huge numbers of students and youth gathered near the Lenin statue placed at Esplanade. The rally of hundreds of protestors walked in a confident manner towards the USIS situated there. 

The Indian Union ministry had already started to deal with the issue of harassment of the Indian diplomat in the USA. In order to extend the strategic pressure over the United States administration India had taken few steps like withdrawal of security procurements for US embassy situated at the Union capital and many more. 

When it was a whole nation standing up to protest against the US autocracy, the students’ and youths of West Bengal faced with different mood of the government here. The state government and its police administration was in queue to protect whatever the interests of the US is, as there were calculated moves by the police to trap and forcefully arrest the student and youth activists present at the protest rally.  72 activists were arrested by the police and taken to the police head quarters situated at Lal Bazar. After a whole lot of harassments and delay they set the leftist activists free against PR bonds at late hours in the night of the same day. Then the leftists again jointly rallied from Lal Bazar and shouted slogans of rejection to the US administration and state government autocracy. The crackdown of police administration on this rally reveals the attitude of the state government being pro-US. As the people are already witnessing a ban on democracy in this state under Trinamool Congress regime, today’s event clears the whole spectrum of nexus that is installing this reign of terror and anti-democracy in West Bengal. 

19th December, 2013