Long Live Comrade Sudipto Gupta

Three years since that fateful day and the Rajpath in Kolkata was thronged by students as far as the eyes could see. Activists of SFI and three other leftist students’ organisations came together today, remembering our dear martyr Com. Sudipto Gupta. Like every year, there was a march organised from College square till Dharmatala. Before the march began, thousands of students from all over the state gathered at College Square where a small public meeting was organised. The state leadership of all the four students’ organisations i.e. the SFI, AISF, AISB and PSU offered their respects at the martyr stone. The leaders of the 4 organisations when they took to the mike, all spoke in a similar vein. They all stressed on the fact that even after 3 years since martyr Com. Sudipto Gupta’s death the state government has not bothered to look into his death rather, they have made sure that, whoever raised their voices were silenced either by fear or violence. In the 5 years of the TMC government, not only Sudipto Gupta but, there have been many more like him. Further, they also said that those in power at the centre currently are also making regular systematic attempts to repress the students but the gathering today and many more such programmes are only proof of the fact that their attempts don’t stand a chance in the face of a unified students’ movement. The public meeting was also attended by Com. Sujan Chakraborty, former all India SFI secretary. He also inspired the students to keep fighting and to keep coming out on the streets and raising slogans so that, those in power knew that the student community will not let their shortcomings pass unnoticed. Anindita Sarbadhicari, film-maker was also present at the public meeting today. She took the mike and in her fierce address to the students gathered there today said, that those in power were making continuous attempts to dismantle the voice of dissent from amongst the students because they fear the fire that flows in the veins of the young comrades that are fighting currently. Songs were sung and the meeting came to an end. The march then began from college square and thousands of students walked till Dharmatala. At Dharmatala, doing justice to Martyr Com. Sudipta Gupta’s memory, and promising to keep alive the struggle he was a part of, all the students that had marched today linked their hands forming a human chain. 

3rd April, 2016