Condemn Dankore Incident

After the recent Dadri lynching, another tragic incident has sent Social media  into a flurry with posts condemning the incident coming in. Some of you may have already seen the post we are referring to. It is a picture of a man and woman most likely a couple and a child in the arms of the woman. The man and the woman are both stark naked with their clothes lying around their feet. They stand in the middle of a road with onlookers staring at them and they have nowhere to hide. This incident took place in the Dankore district of Uttar Pradesh.  

Although, all the facts about the incident have not yet surfaced, it is being said that, this is a Dalit couple who had gone to the local police station to report a theft at their residence. How this activity led to the events prior to this graphic photograph, is still to be worked out. 

Police you say? They were present there yes, but did not do much to prevent this shameful incident from unfolding. The Dadri lynching or this incident are probably the climax to the disintegration our society is facing. 

Another observation that, comes to mind is also that, come the elections, political parties adept at the art of vote-bank politics don't fail to pull the Dalit community closer and 'honour' them by saying that, they are actually Hindus. But if they truly belived these people to belong to the same community as them, do you think this couple whould have had to stand stripped in the middle of the road as numerous eyes peered at them?

Condemn this incident.