Protest against TET Scam reaches whole new level

The arteries of the city throbbed with young blood today, angry unrelenting turbulent... Waves of uncompromising heads thronged to college square, gathering strength along College street, Lenin Sarani, Rani Rashmoni avenue and finally breaking with a grand flourish on the police  barricades on the Dharmatala Y channel.

The march called by twelve student and youth organisations of the state, including the SFI West Bengal State Committee, demanded education for all and respectable employment for all at the end of their studies.  In addition it protested the TET scam, which not only maars any hope of fair competition in one of the most vital employment opportunities for the youth in the state but also does endanger the quality and sanctity of the education of millions studying in the schools of the state.
In the weeks leading up to today's rally signatures had been collected on this issue from students in schools and colleges all over the state. A thirteen member delegation consisting of leaders of the participating organisations met with the Governor and submitted a deputation with all these signatures. They returned with great assurances but little conviction about the future course of action. The rest of the students and youth waited behind at the Dorina Crossing. 
The police had to use armoured helmets and steel barricades to face unarmed students and youth. On the other hand the protesters showed great control in keeping the protest peaceful. The rally began with short speeches by the student and youth leaders. It swept through its course with a newfound vigour and vitality. A mixture of new and old slogans rose and fell from the different segments of the voluptuous mass. When its way was finally barred by the police barricade the assembly took over the entire stretch of road at the Y channel. The speeches continued, punctuated only by songs and poems  while awaiting the return of the deputation. A ten headed effigy of Partha Chatterjee, the education minister and Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister, were set on fire.

The struggle to ensure that the TET is conducted with transparency and regularity will continue. In that struggle today's rally marks an important step forward. The strength of the gathering today, both in terms of numbers and spirit also stands as an edifice of the growing momentum of the student's movement in the state.

15th September, 2015